Scott Alan Smith

Welcome to my site! After many years of teaching guitar students how to understand scales and chords with The TONALITY REFERENCE GUIDE, I’m excited that it is now available as a digital PDF eBook for easy purchase and download.

I’m equally excited about being able to offer my acoustic instrumental CDs in downloadable MP3 format, too.

Since you made it this far, I hope you take a moment to browse and listen to some music excerpts!

THE TONALITY REFERENCE GUIDE is a one-page information sheet (at the beginning of a 45-page book) that outlines and explains tonality in a completely unique way --- without the use of any written musical notation! But it’s not just for musicians who don’t read music --- it’s equally as valuable to musicians who DO read music because it outlines relationships in a clear and concise way without all the academic “fat”. The notes that make up chords, scales, and even the elusive modes are all there to clearly see, making it a perfect learning tool for both students and teachers. Get it Now!